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Event Date & Time

October 14
@7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

October 15-16
@8:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Event Location

Northlands Expo Centre :
7300 116 Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta


It is no secret that people in Alberta and Saskatchewan are navigating rough economic waters. People are looking for answers, support and true leadership.

Right now is when we need to talk about solutions and opportunities. And believe me, there are many opportunities at hand right now for eager real estate entrepreneurs. Some people have actually been waiting for conditions like this. Now there will be no more guessing, no more hoping, no more wondering if you’re missing out (or making a mistake) and — most importantly — NO MORE FEAR!


We’ve boiled it down to the bare-bones basics of successful, long-term, sustainable wealth creation. No fluff, no filler, no sales pitches. Sure, we’ve all heard the hyped-up promises of some courses, seminars, and speakers — where they leave you with some good ideas but no clear, step-by-step game plan or any hands-on training. That’s simply not the case with the ACRE (Authentic Canadian Real Estate) system. This will be a coming together of experts, analysts, industry leaders, business owners and veteran investors who all live, work, and invest in Alberta.

ACRE Program graduates are action takers – not dreamers! Previous ACRE graduates have been so empowered by their ACRE experience they have purchased over five billion dollars of quality investment real estate. At the weekend event, you are fully guaranteed to get three days’ education outlining all the different ways you can leverage the present situation to the growth of your real estate business.

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  Friday Night, October 14: 7:00PM – 10:00PM

Forecast:Join Don R. Campbell, economists and real estate analysts as they will be sharing the stage to discuss the future of Alberta’s economy.

  8:30 AM

The 5 Questions to Get You Started!

Richard Dolan
What do you want real estate to provide you with and how much do you need to get there? Long-term thinking is the key to a portfolio’s continued profitability. Richard will help you develop not just a plan, but YOUR plan. New investors will get the thorough background information they need to get started, including: how to define your end goal, financial options and solutions, and common obstacles and how to overcome them.

  9:30 AM

Economic Fundamentals Part 1 – Property Ladder Step 1

Don R. Campbell
Discover the first step on the property ladder with an examination of real estate economic fundamentals. Don will give an overview of the real estate cycle and dive into the first set of key drivers with a look at financial drivers.

  10:30 AM


  10:55 AM

Economic Fundamentals Part 2 – Property Ladder Steps 1 & 2

Don R. Campbell
Don continues his discussion of the economic fundamentals of real estate investing. These are the foundation of every solid real estate investing business, so it’s important to give them due care! Learn about the demographic drivers and market influencers. In this segment you will also discover what the Property Goldmine tool is and how to use it.

  11:40 AM

Power of Real Estate and Leverage

Don R. Campbell
The ability to leverage your capital is what makes real estate investing such a smart plan. Discover how to use, calculate, and identify the “leverage sweet spot.”

  12:00 PM

Working with the Bank and Getting a Mortgage

Peter Kinch
The ability of an investor to get financing is always in a state of flux. You will hear the latest financing landscape and learn the strategies that many of Canada’s most successful real estate investors use to build critical relationships with bankers and mortgage brokers so they can say “yes” to you more often.

  1:00 PM


  2:00 PM

Geographic Specialization & Sourcing Properties – Property Ladder Steps 3 & 4

Don R. Campbell
Learn the value of becoming an expert in one area to work smarter, not harder. Don will show you the common and not so common resources you can use to find the real jewel properties.

  2:30 PM

Strategies for Uncovering Deals – Property Ladder Step 4

Jared Hope
Jared will continue Step 4 of the Property Ladder. When you are looking for deals there are great conventional and unconventional methods out there. More often than not, good investment properties won’t just fall into your lap. Even one of Jared's tips will put thousands of dollars in your pocket and unearth opportunities you didn’t know existed.

  3:00 PM

Property Analysis & Cash Flow – Property Ladder Steps 5 & 6

Don R. Campbell
Once you have a selection of properties, you’ll learn how to weed out the ones you don’t want to waste your time with, and which ones are worth further analysis. First see if the property is in the “zone” and then measure the ROI of the property.

  4:00 PM BREAK


  4:20 PM

Property Analysis Exercise

Don R. Campbell
Put the theory into action! Don will walk you through an exercise in property analysis from start to finish.

  4:45 PM

Gap Analysis: Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Peter Kinch
In order to use real estate as the vehicle to get you from where you are right now, to where you want to be, you need to do some analysis. Peter will help you analyze the spread between the amount of money/income you currently have compared to what you need five years from now.

  5:30 PM

Your Personal “Belize” – The “Why” of Real Estate for YOU

Don R. Campbell
Discover your “Why.” Learn your true intention and motivation for what real estate will afford you in your dream life and what “your personal Belize” is.

  6:00 PM


Exclusive Members Only Breakouts

Money making renovation strategies

Granite and stainless and hardwood, oh my! As a new generation of renters and home owners hits the market, learn about the best places to put your updating dollars for the best return from renovators who are also INVESTORS.

Cover your ass-ets: wills, estates and trusts

You work hard to build your portfolio to create wealth. Whether you plan to leave it to your loved ones, create a legacy and leave it to charity, or blow it all on Harley’s and parties for your friends, make sure your money does what it is supposed to do upon your death. This session asks the hard questions about what happens once you are down-under. Although we may not answer what is next for YOU, you will learn the answers to how to control what you leave behind.

Corporation Inc. – the Legal, Tax, and Financing Implications

Whether or not to incorporate can be a critical question as you build your portfolio. Although there are excellent tax savings and legal protections within a corporate structure, it can be more difficult in some cases to get financing. Hear the perspectives of both options from a real estate lawyer, accountant and mortgage broker to determine whether incorporating is the right structure for you.

Show me the money!: Financing strategies in today’s market

Most of us can’t buy real estate with cash and if you can’t tap into borrowed money, you are done before you begin. As banks continue to tighten their grip on their dollars, learn from the experts how you can tap into the capital you need to get started.

Buying outside the box – using creative buying strategies

There is more to real estate than long-term buy and hold. Creative strategies use agreements for sale, lease options, and Vendor Take Backs (VTBs) as different ways to buy and sell real estate. Some work better than others depending on market conditions and provincial laws. Learn from a team of lawyers and creative strategists how to use these tools, or at least learn what they are!

Innovations and problem solving in Property Management

Property management can make or break the performance of your property. Learn from the property managers themselves how to maximize your relationship with your tenants OR your PM to make sure you are getting the most out of your assets.

Tapped out? How to raise a little or a lot of capital

In a world where there are two types of real estate investors (those who have run out of money and those are going to), it is important to learn how to access Other People’s Money (OPM). Whether you are looking for $10,000 from an investment partner, or $10 million, hear the tips, tricks, and traps from the experts who have done it before.

The power of your brain trust: Nothing left unanswered (or we will get back to you)

The network of real estate investors is your most valuable asset. In this open mastermind, you will have the ability to ask your questions to all the experts in the room and learn from the knowledge and experience all around you. Be sure, someone has experienced what you are currently facing. Learn from THEIR mistakes. Come and be inspired and supported – this is a breakout not to be missed.

  8:30 AM

Welcome Back

Richard Dolan
Kicking off the last day of the ACRE conference!

  8:45 AM

Doing Your Diligence – Property Ladder Step 7

Barry McGuire and Russell Westcott
It’s easy to miss a step when you’re doing your diligence on a property. We have ALL the questions you need to ask, in a system that will fast become your favorite reference every time you’re considering a deal.

  9:30 AM

Types of Investors and the Right Properties

Melanie Reuter
See which types of real estate suits you based on your knowledge of and time for investing in real estate.

  10:15 AM


  10:45 AM

Introduction to Joint Ventures

Russell Westcott
Join Canadian real estate expert Russell Westcott as he reveals how to unlock the door to all the investment capital you’ll ever need for your next real estate transaction. Discover how you can use other people’s money to fund your real estate investing business in this presentation.

  11:30 AM

Creative Buying Strategies Panel

Barry McGuire, Sherilynn Milsom, Andrea Warkentin, Don R. Campbell (host)
There are opportunities in every market and knowing the right, and creative strategies to use upon purchase can mean the difference between a successful investment and no investment at all. Even if you don’t use these strategies, recognizing potential is a game changer. Hear from a team of experts using these strategies.

  12:30 PM


  1:50 PM

Negotiating & Closing the Offer – Property Ladder Steps 8 & 9

Jared Hope
Learn how to write offers that get accepted in any market conditions: seller’s, buyer’s or flat. Discover what makes investors’ offers different than homeowners’ when it comes to price, closing date, terms and conditions, and most importantly, negotiations.

  2:20 PM

Ongoing Ownership & Property Management – Property Ladder Step 10

Jared Hope
Proactive property management is essential to sustaining a real estate portfolio and a real estate investing business. As an investor and owner of a property management company, Jared will provide you with the system for filling vacancies and keeping happy, paying tenants. Or if self-management isn’t in the cards for you, you’ll learn how and why a property manager could be the most important person on your team.

  3:30 PM


  4:00 PM

The REIN Life Panel

James Knull, Patrick Francey (host)
This will be a panel of REIN Members who worked hard on their real estate investing businesses and are now living the REIN Life. Attend to learn the trials and tribulations that these REIN Members faced along their journey to achieving their goals. Learn from their journey.

  5:00 PM



The earlier you register, the more you save! Get your tickets for the biggest real estate investing event of the year now.


Coffee and tea will be available throughout the weekend, and Northlands has several food options on the premises.


Parking at Northlands is $16 per day with no in/out privileges, so please plan accordingly.


Experience the energy of a room full of hundreds of likeminded real estate investors. Learn from the best in the business and get your questions answered.

You now have before you a choice to make…

You can continue believing in the doom-and-gloom the media keeps feeding everyone.


You can trust in people that have survived and thrived in times like this, and even worse than this.

People who have mastered the ability to see the real opportunity.

People who have created real estate empires from times like these.

People who are willing to bare all and share with you some of their best strategies for building a large and profitable real estate empire.

There has never been a better time to learn about this opportunity than there is right now.


Remember, the media madness going on right now only fuels the fire and scares more people into giving up their dreams.

It’s quite a shame that people fall for it – when there are simple solutions that are guaranteed to help you create your own personal nest-egg, while all those around you fall victim to the craziness being spread to the masses.

The systems we have perfected for using real estate to create sustainable lifestyles and sizable businesses work regardless of what the rest of the economy is doing (or not doing, as is our case right now).

The ACRE Program makes you money whether the economy is good or bad, whether the oil crisis is here or not, whether people are being laid off or not.

This system has the unique characteristic that it can adapt to the market swings and adapt itself to the present day situation.

So please do not delay….

We know from experience this event WILL sell out. Especially at this price!

Now is the time to act. 2017 is going to be the best of both worlds for those of us in the know with real estate investments.

Take advantage of the present day ‘crisis’ (as the media likes to say)… and create the lifestyle you have always wanted.

Sign up today before the remaining seats are gone.

The key right now for all of us is to keep calm, educate and surround ourselves with experts, and think strategically.

Which is exactly what you will achieve at the ACRE weekend!



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