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October 20-22 | Edmonton EXPO Centre



The Step by Step System to Success

At the Real Estate Investment Network our top priority is to provide our Members with the education, tools and support they need to be successful in the world of real estate investing. We want to make financial freedom by design achievable (and the process exciting) for all of our Members - no matter what stage of the game they’re in.

The ACRE system is the #1 way we accomplish these things. ACRE stands for the Authentic Canadian Real Estate Program and it is the proven, step by step program that makes you money in real estate investing whether the economy is good or bad, whether the housing bubble is here or not, and whether foreign buyers are buying or not. The ACRE system works because it has the unique characteristics that can adapt to what’s happening today in the real estate market.



When you attend an ACRE live event you will receive three days full of the information, tools, and skills you need to enter into the world of real estate investing with full force and confidence in order to reach your goals. This weekend event will be a coming together of experts, analysts, industry leaders, business owners and veteran investors all of whom are there to share with you how best to take advantage of the ACRE system.

Attend this event and you will learn:

The strategies to achieve success based on where you are in the real estate cycle

How to identify the best opportunities in a hot market

Creative solutions to the problems that inevitably arise when investing in real estate


We know from experience that this event WILL sell out - Don’t delay!



We Couldn't Have Said It Better Ourselves

Wonderful content. I don’t know how anyone would get started without it! It has given me a great platform to start with. I now get the financing game. It also gave me some great insight to helping the business I currently own that will help me in Real Estate investing. The program has eliminated my fear of action!                                                            

Michelle Martin, Calgary, AB

I am a big believer in the phrase "training doesn't pays!" and ACRE live did not let me down. I had previously read several of Don's books but it doesn't truly hit home until you go see it live. I made 30 pages of notes and wish I could write faster because there was some I missed. The best part is you are surrounded by experts all weekend who can answer any questions and provide support however you need it. If you're serious about real estate investing I would highly recommend attending.

Dan Golby, Cold Lake, AB

Without question, the best system I have ever seen… the only COMPLETE system. I feel completely supported and more educated in how to invest in real estate using a step-by-step system that been proven many times. I have met many Members who have been long-time Members who have used the system to reach and surpass their goals and are still there supporting others.  Thank you so much.    

Norma Zelina, Toronto, ON

The ACRE Program is absolutely amazing.  It walks through the whole real estate transaction in great detail... from start to end.                                                

An Tay Nguy, Calgary, AB



7:00PM – 10:00PM



Future of the Economy/h2>

Join Don R. Campbell, economists and real estate analysts as they will be sharing the stage to discuss the future of Edmonton’s economy.

7:00PM – 10:00PM



What’s Your “Why”?

What do you want Real Estate to provide you with and how much do you need to get there? Long-term thinking is the key to a portfolio’s continued profitability. We’ll help you develop not just a plan, but YOUR plan. New investors will get the thorough background information they need to get started, including: how to define your end goal, financial options and solutions, and common obstacles and how to overcome them.


Where and When To Buy For Maximum Profits

Sure, location is important, but TIMING the economic development of an area is critical. Successful real estate investors know exactly when in the cycle to buy and when to sell. We’ll teach you how to spot hidden trends that others miss…and provide you insider information on what’s going on around the country with our Canada-specific market research.


Building the Foundation of Your Real Estate Business

Discover the kind of investor you need to be, depending on the amount of time, money and knowledge you have. Then learn how to build your Real Estate team based on the skills and resources you don’t have.


Financing for Real Estate Investors

The ability of an investor to get financing is always in a state of flux. You will discover that you must adjust to current market conditions, whatever they may be. Learn the strategies that many of Canada’s most successful real estate investors use to build critical relationships with bankers and mortgage brokers so they can say “yes” to you more often.


Creative Down Payment Options

Coming up with a large sum of cash to buy an investment property may seem daunting, especially if you are just getting started. For all real estate investors, there are common obstacles that may stand in the way of achieving success. We’ll show you the best solutions, including how to buy with none of your own money in the deal.


Finding and Filtering Properties

We will show you the resources you can use to source properties, both conventional and unconventional. Once you have a selection of properties, you’ll learn how to weed out the ones you don’t want to waste your time with, and which ones are worth further analysis.


Why Real Estate?

Whether it’s for financial security in your investment portfolio, financial freedom, planning for your retirement, or your desire for a flexible career, we’ll show you why nothing beats Real Estate. In fact, when it comes to finding a favourable market for their dollars, investors all over the world are parking their money in Canada.


Networking Social

Your net worth grows with your network! Stick around Saturday night to meet likeminded individuals and grow your network over drinks (cash bar) and appet izers. Most importantly – have fun!

8:30AM – 5:00PM



Real Estate Investors’ Eight Most Common Fears

Fears: we’ve seen them all, experienced most, and helped thousands of investors overcome them. We’ll help you define what’s holding you back.


The Analysis Questions You MUST Ask Before Buying Any Property

What good are all the answers in the world if you’ve asked the wrong questions? 24+ years of experience go into this presentation that will teach you the information you really need to know, what is most often missed, and what’s just filler.


Advanced Due Diligence

It’s easy to miss a step when you’re doing your due diligence on a property. We have ALL the questions you need to ask, in a system that will fast become your favorite reference every time you’re considering a deal.


Writing Offers in All Market Conditions

Learn how to write offers that get accepted in any market conditions: seller’s, buyer’s or flat. Discover what makes investors’ offers different than homeowners’ when it comes to price, closing date, terms and conditions, and most importantly, negotiations.


Ongoing Ownership

Proactive property management is essential to sustaining a real estate portfolio and a real estate investing business. We’ll provide you with the system for filling vacancies and keeping happy, paying tenants (clients). Or if self-management isn’t in the cards for you, you’ll learn how and why a property manager could be the most important person on your team.


Your Action Plan

At the end of the program you will leave with a personalized action plan, complete with the exact steps YOU need to take to put your newfound knowledge to work! It’s like having a road map to success.

  • Course Manual
  • Post event audio and slides
  • 2 free real estate books
  • Event Social
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