Turnkey and Renovate
Whether it's a $5k or $50k project, find out which Renovation Success program is the best fit for you by watching this video now! 

Included in the program

Foundational Education

▪️How to Find and Filter the RIGHT Properties: sourcing, when to walk away, how to know when to buy, how to write your offers

▪️Planning for Value and Budgeting for Profits: value for maximum ROI, logistics planning, timeline management, budget planning, buying materials, best practices and permits

▪️Managing Teams and Trades: How to protect yourself and find quality contractors and set your team up for success


Included in the program
Foundational Education & Advanced Tools and Systems

▪️All of the foundational education from Renovate for Profits

▪️Property Management: job tracking, project design within the post-covid era  multi-trade management, staging

▪️Using Private Funds: enter and exit strategies, portfolio management and acceleration, risk mitigation and insurance 

▪️ Advanced Tools and Systems for Renovation Success:
e-learning platforms & exclusive access to:

▪️ Profit Analyzer App

▪️ Project Management System & Job Tracking Calendar

▪️Online Budgeting System

▪️ Quarterly Renovater Mastermind & Monthly Working Sessions

▪️ Resource Centre with trade contacts & a rating system

▪️ Virtual Staging