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Discover the path that thousands of Canadian Real Estate Investors have followed on their journey to creating financial freedom by design!

Thursday, July 4 7:00 pm - 8:30pm EST


Join Patrick Francey, REIN CEO and host of The Everyday Millionaire Podcast as he hosts a live Q&A discussion with a diverse panel of real estate investors and Members of the REIN Community.

On it's own, this discussion will be a valuable investment of your time!

We asked a panel of action taking investors to share their most meaningful insights (the highs and the lows) of their journey of successfully investing in real estate AND their most current ‘in the trenches lessons’ for todays real estate market. 

This unrehearsed and unscripted conversation will include the real and true stories of their journey of real estate investing success. You will hear from couples and individuals, full time and part time real estate investors, everyday kinds of people from diverse walks of life and geographic regions.

This webinar could easily be your golden ticket to success and is definitely an opportunity you don't want to miss.

As a Real Estate Investor, you MUST understand how Canada’s largest demographic will massively impact real estate across our Nation and beyond...

Starting with The Millennial Report: Receive Your FREE Copy by Attending the Webinar!

There is nothing more important than understanding the economic fundamentals that drive a real estate market in any geographic region.  As leaders in economic research, REIN has pinpointed the key drivers that mark the path and create the future for WHERE, WHEN and WHAT to invest in based on proven analysis.

AND as important, the most effective tactics and strategies to apply to your investing.

The research in our exclusive Millennial Report gives you results to guide you to where the future of real estate is going, and how Millennials - the largest cohort affecting real estate today - will influence it.

Millennials consumption and purchasing power is impacting many economic factors; including rental and housing markets. 

Millennials are the KEY to understanding current and future real estate industry trends. They are just entering their prime purchasing years and we are at the forefront of the tidal wave of millennial cultural impact!

As a real estate investor and rental housing provider (yes, there is a reason to stop calling yourself a landlord!) the research and insights  in this report can be a financial game changer.

As a rental housing provider or home-seller, you will learn...

  • Which cities are attractive to millennials and why?
  • What must millennials have in a home, whether as renters or owners?
  • How to market to this significant and discerning cohort.
  • How do millennials like to spend their money?
  • How are millennials creatively coping with the high cost of housing (hint – prepare your property for multiple adults)?
  • An update on the Millennial Avocado Toast Index introduced by the BBC in 2017

A sneak peak of the additional topics we'll dive into:

  • Financing in today's new lending environment
  •  The TOP investing rules to apply- no matter what level of investor you are 
  •  How you can apply REIN’s proven Long Term Real Estate Success Formula™ Strategies to get started investing in real estate
  • The truth about the real estate bubble
  • How you can create your own pathway to financial freedom by design

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Joining REIN in 2003 was one of the best decisions my husband and I made after deciding to pursue real estate investing. REIN has been an essential part of our team and we are sincerely grateful for the relationships this community has provided us. Without the support, research, intelligence and inspiration of the REIN community and our membership, the longevity we have achieved in the business of real estate investing would have been much shorter. Thank you!

Marnie Griffiths
Insumo Property Solutions

The honour in being part of such an amazing group - is knowing that we all use the knowledge, education and resources - not only for our own benefit - but more important is helping others in this business and even more important - all of the other areas of our communities that can use such help.

James W. (Jim) Hassett

REIN truly gave me insights on what and how to look at investment properties. I never would have learned all I needed to know except through mistakes. Undoubtedly it has saved me thousands of dollars already. I feel empowered and knowledgeable to go out and start looking for my next property and realizing my dream. Thank You!

Carol Coote

Wonderful content. I don’t know how anyone would get started without it! It has given me a great platform to start with. I now get the financing game. It also gave me some great insight to helping the business I currently own that will help me in Real Estate investing. The program has eliminated my fear of action!

Michelle Martin



Patrick Francey


An authentic and effective educator and speaker, charismatic host of The Everyday Millionaire podcast, established Canadian-based real estate investor and Chief Executive Officer of the Real Estate Intelligence Network. His longevity and success as a business owner contributes to Patrick’s significant role in contributing to the vision, development and growth of REIN. He is a genuine, driving force behind the business and development that supports the REIN Team’s foundational belief that every Canadian deserves financial freedom by design and can achieve it through investing in real estate. Proud husband, father and grandfather, Patrick’s motto says it best: Success is SIMPLE. 


JG Francoeur


He is the international bestselling author of Messy Manager and has written hundreds of articles for international business publications. A serial entrepreneur, JG has built several companies from start-up to ten figures. JG was born and raised in northern Ontario with humble beginnings. He's a self-made entrepreneur who started with nothing and now has an extensive property investment portfolio.