The Aftermath of Canada's Federal Election & What It Could Mean to Real Estate

Post-Election Canada: REIN reveals top 3 most likely, and 5 more likely, policies to ‘change the housing market as we know it’.

The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) reveals the top three most likely, and five more likely, policies affecting real estate as a minority government emerges post-federal election. According to REIN’s Special Report on the federal election, Canada is likely to see: 

1. An increase in immigration and related changes to immigration policy, 

2. An increase in income taxes for wealthier households and corporations, and 

3. recommendations for policies in support of increasing housing supply, such as possible rental building programs. 

These findings are based on REIN’s analysis of political promises and campaign platforms related to real estate. REIN compared the platforms that specifically relate to investors from Liberals, Conservatives, and the New Democratic Party (NDP) to identify the most likely coalitions on various policies. These policies were analysed using symbolic logic, specifically, using visual Venn diagrams. Intersections of where commonalities in the major political parties’ campaign platforms show most or least likelihood of certain policies getting passed, amended and/or revised. 

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