March 16-March 18

Grey Eagle Resort, Calgary

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Event Location

Grey Eagle Resort:
3777 Grey Eagle Dr, Calgary
AB T3E 3X8

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Event Date & Time

March 16 @7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
March 17 @8:30 AM to 6:30 PM  
March 18 @8:30 AM to 5:00 PM 


At REIN, we are committed to delivering you the most relevant and timely real estate investing knowledge possible. This is our commitment for the upcoming ACRE Program in Calgary. Now there will be no more guessing, no more hoping, no more wondering if you’re missing out (or making a mistake) and — most importantly — NO MORE FEAR! 


We’ve boiled it down to the bare-bones basics of successful, long-term, sustainable wealth creation. No fluff, no filler, no sales pitches. Sure, we’ve all heard the hyped-up promises of some courses, seminars, and speakers — where they leave you with some good ideas but no clear, step-by-step game plan or any hands-on training. That’s simply not the case with the ACRE (Authentic Canadian Real Estate) system. This will be a coming together of experts, analysts, industry leaders, business owners and veteran investors who all live, work, and invest in Calgary. 

ACRE Program graduates are action takers – not dreamers! Previous ACRE graduates have been so empowered by their ACRE experience they have purchased over five billion dollars of quality investment real estate. At the weekend event, we will offer you strategies to achieve success based on where you are in the real estate cycle, how to identify the opportunities in a hot market, and creative solutions to the problems that inevitably arise when investing in real estate.

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Patrick Francey


Patrick is a Canadian-based real estate investor, educator and business owner.

Richard Dolan


Richard is a Performance Advisor to corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and investors on personal excellence.

Don R. Campbell

Senior Real Estate Analyst

Don is a Canadian-based real estate investor, researcher, best-selling author, and educator.

Jennifer Hunt

Vice President

Jennifer holds a master’s degree in Communications and supports REIN with her full-range of general management skills.



  Friday, March 16: 7:00PM – 10:00PM

Federal Budget: Implications for Investors - Peter Cuttini

Join Peter Cuttini from BDO Canada as he discusses the new "Passive Income" rules released in the Federal budget this past month. He will talk about how we, as investors, will be affected and dive into strategies we may wish to consider to assist us.

Decision Maker - Jennifer Hunt

What kind of real estate investor are you? When you think of what you have to offer, do you have lots of free time to commit to searching out ideal properties, or would you like to offer the money to the deal and not get involved past that?

Building your Power Team and Transition to Break – Patrick Francey

The success of your business will greatly depend on the quality of the team of professionals you bring together to support you. There are several professionals you will need to find and begin to work with and each MUST have a background in handling the needs of investment real estate.

Whats Behind the Curtain – Don R. Campbell

Media headlines and real estate in the news can easily intimidate and worry us if we don’t spend the time to dissect each story and look “behind the curtain”.

Your Financial House – Hugo Dos Reis

Join the REIN Finance Centre as they identify your financial ‘gap’ - where you are today versus where you want to be in five or ten years.

  Saturday, March 17: 8:30AM – 6:30PM
Saturday morning

What’s Your “Why”? - Richard Dolan

What do you want Real Estate to provide you with and how much do you need to get there? Long-term thinking is the key to a portfolio’s continued profitability. We’ll help you develop not just a plan, but YOUR plan. New investors will get the thorough background information they need to get started, including: how to define your end goal, financial options and solutions, and common obstacles and how to overcome them.

Where and When To Buy For Maximum Profits Part 1 - Don Campbell

Sure, location is important, but TIMING the economic development of an area is critical. Successful real estate investors know exactly when in the cycle to buy and when to sell. We’ll teach you how to spot hidden trends that others miss…and provide you insider information on what’s going on around the country with our Canada-specific market research.


Where and When To Buy For Maximum Profits Part 2 - Don Campbell

REIN's Goldmine Scorecard - Jennifer Hunt


Geographic Specialization - Don Campbell

Top Ten Alberta Towns and Cities - Jennifer Hunt & Don Campbell

Finding and Filtering Properties - Don Campbell & Jennifer Hunt

We will show you the resources you can use to source properties, both conventional and unconventional. Once you have a selection of properties, you’ll learn how to weed out the ones you don’t want to waste your time with, and which ones are worth further analysis.

Cash Flow Zone - Don Campbell

Property Analyzer - Don Campbell


Power of Leverge - Don Campbell

Working with a Bank - Hugo Dos Reis

Your Belize - Don Campbell

Event Social

  Sunday, March 18: 8:30AM – 5:00PM

Offers: Writing and Negotiating - Patrick Francey

Completing Your Diligence - Patrick Francey & Barry McGuire


Member Back Office Tutorial - Patrick Francey & Tina Myrvang

Top Ten Alberta Towns and Cities and Showcase Tactics - Jennifer Hunt


Business of Real Estate - Patrick Francey

Managing for Cashflow - Jennifer Hunt & Patrick Francey

REINVEST - Richard Dolan

GRAD-U-ACTION - Richard Dolan


Remember, the media madness going on right now only fuels the fire and scares more people into giving up their dreams.

It’s quite a shame that people fall for it – when there are simple solutions that are guaranteed to help you create your own personal nest-egg, while all those around you fall victim to the craziness being spread to the masses.

The systems we have perfected for using real estate to create sustainable lifestyles and sizable businesses work regardless of what the rest of the economy is doing.

The ACRE Program makes you money whether the economy is good or bad, whether the housing bubble is here or not, whether foreign buyers are buying or not.

This system has the unique characteristic that it can adapt to the market swings and to the present day situation.

So please do not delay….


We know from experience this event WILL sell out. Especially at this price!

Now is the time to act.


Sign up today before the remaining seats are gone.



  • Tickets are available at the door only! Online sales are now closed.


We Couldn't Have Said It Better Ourselves

Attended my first ACRE and I am truly appreciative for the information that was provided! I will definitely be back again. Thank you REIN!!!

Sheri Carver

Thanks a million! No words to express how grateful I am for the willingness of REIN to help me focus on my belize! ACRE is a game changer.

Jennifer Guineden

The Q&A session with the panel was amazing! If only I had attended ACRE 6 years ago when I first started investing!

Marcienne Deveau

This is my 3RD YEAR! And it only gets better everytime. Sessions and education are great and always learning something new.

Julia Pereira


Thank you to our sponsors for making this event awesome.


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The REIN Team is led by a dynamic group of veteran real estate investors, educators and leaders.

As Canada's first and leading go-to-source for all things real estate investment and management, REIN has earned accolades, awards and alliances for over two decades of thought leadership. We pioneered and perfected the learning path and investment avenues to generate billions of dollars in transactions, resulting in thousands of Canadians living life without financial compromise thanks to our proprietary approach to investing in real estate across Canada.

We've reached over a quarter of a million Canadians and have over 35,000 students who have transacted over 37,000 real estate deals worth more than five billion dollars since 1992.

The Canadian Real Estate investment scene is as strong as ever, with global thought leaders, analysts and economists calling Canada one of the safest and surest investment destinations.
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