The business of investing in real estate can feel somewhat uncertain or unpredictable at times. But thousands of investors later, we know that when done the right way, it’s proven to be a dependable way to grow your wealth and create a portfolio that assures your financial future, comfort and freedom.

You may just be getting starting investing in your first investment property, or you may be well on your way with several properties in your portfolio, but…

One thing is for certain, at some point you will face one of these FIVE PROBLEMS:
(the good news is we have the solution for you!)

  • You will run out of investment capital 
  • Your day job will take up too much of your time when you want spend more time or even full time investing in real estate. 
  • You need to generate cash (read income) faster
  • Your portfolio is growing but so are the tenant problems and that is beginning to drag you down
  • The banks are saying NO to financing your deals when you need a YES!

To help you overcome these 5 problems, we have 4 home study programs which are now on MEGA SALE and in UP TO 80% OFF!

These educational programs were developed by individuals who are hands on and in the investing trenches. These individuals have honed the expertise through experience and have been there for other Real Estate Investors, just like you to guide them in doing it right.

Whatever your reason is… REIN's home study programs provide you proven strategies to use, such as expanding your understanding of Multi-Family Investing strategies, raising capital through Joint Venture Secrets, proactively avoiding tenant issues with Landlording Secrets and one of our most popular programs, Renovate to Rent which shows you exactly how to renovate, profit from and then use the profits from your investments to rapidly scale your real estate business and portfolio….the right way!



Discover if Multi-Family Investing Is YOUR Answer for Creating Long-Term, Sustainable Wealth

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  • Pick 3 for only $458
  • Get all 4 programs for only $488 (most popular choice)


Managing your properties for cash flow is the key to successful real estate investing

  • Pick 1 (any) of the above home study programs for only $288
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The Secrets to Using Other People's Money to Buy Real Estate

  • Pick 1 (any) of the above home study programs for only $288
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  • Get all 4 programs for only $488 (most popular choice)


Learn the exact blueprint you can follow to: find properties, fund the purchase (with or without your own money), renovate it efficiently, AND cost effectively, and rent it fast for positive cash flow, or sell it for a rapid return on investment.

  • Pick 1 (any) of the above home study programs for only $288
  • Pick 2 for only $388
  • Pick 3 for only $458
  • Get all 4 programs for only $488 (most popular choice)

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Who Should Purchase These Home Study Programs?

  • Brand new real estate investors considering buying their first investment property, but don’t know where to start, or how to choose (and finance) the ultimate rental or flip property.
  • Strategic real estate investors who want to develop a deeper and expanded understanding of investment strategies, financing methods, and renovation strategies.
  • ‘Seasoned’ rental property owners who are interested in doing some simple renovations to boost their rental prices, or to turn around and flip for a fast profit. And if you read REIN’s recently released Millennial Report, you’ll know exactly what renovations to do to attract your target clients.

You can invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in your next property.

You can rapidly turn a profit, or cause more pocketbook pain than you’d ever imagine.

We’ve ALL heard the nightmare stories… 

…don’t be the next one!

Spending a bit of time, and making a small financial investment to shortcut the significant learning process, tap into the experience of top experts who have travelled the investing path before you, and implement an investment and renovation strategy is a very WISE investment.

You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee:

If you feel you the Program is not is worth every penny and more, just let us know and we will 100% refund your investment instantly!  No questions asked.  You have nothing to lose, and a no-hassle, profitable relationship to gain.


Before this course, I thought that multi-family investing was way beyond my capability. Now I know that I am very capable of venturing into multi-family. It blows my mind!

Edmond Lim

Amazing! Right now, I have an opportunity to purchase a multi-family unit. Before, I didn't have a clue as to what was involved. Now I know how to crunch the numbers to see if it's a worthwhile investment, if I can afford it, and so on! Thank you!

Brenda Howatt

This course just saved me thousands of dollars and hours upon hours. A complete package of tools, contacts, supporting team players, Canadian content and action strategies -- all of this will rapidly increase my chances of success. Thanks, REIN!

Collin Grant

Joint ventures have meant and done everything for me and my real estate investing career. I started with less than zero dollars in the bank and without joint venturing and the use of other people's money, the millions of dollars in real estate that I own would never have been possible.

Valden Palm

Using the tools I learned through REIN and the Joint Venture Secrets system, we created Bridge Properties and had offers accepted on 16 properties in just two months. During this time the equity in the properties we purchased had grown over $250,000. I'll say it again, this happened in TWO MONTHS!!!

Brian Persaud

In a little over 18 months, our portfolio of investment properties has grown to 35 properties. 20 of these were purchased with only one Joint Venture partner, implementing what we learned from REIN's buying and Joint Venture systems.

Winnielee Chuus

The joint venturing techniques presented in this course have taken my game to another level. My partners see me as a knowledgeable, valuable, and a trusted source in helping them achieve their financial goals. The contacts I have made have proven to be invaluable, and that list continues to grow as the phone keeps ringing. Thank you!

Jayson Sidhu

I just wanted to say thank you for all the help, education, guidance, support and everything else you have done for my family and me! Before REIN we did a couple of houses a year, and this year we'll surpass our goal of 40 deals. One of my goals this year was my Platinum pin, 50 properties in 3 years. It couldn't have been done without REIN. Using the Joint Venture Secrets materials I have just landed my largest JV partner -- investing over $500,000.

Jim Gemmell

We've used REIN Joint Venture Secrets in our work with investors in Canada, Japan, Singapore, Australia and the USA. We've turned our $32k duplex into an $8 Million portfolio and have made our partners very decent returns along the way. Most of them are repeat investors. REIN has helped and guided us in the right direction to really grow our Joint Venture capabilities.

Todd and Danielle Millar