Shift your mindset, rewire your thoughts and repurpose your financial intention!

With Richard Dolan & Alan Cahn
April 27 2019
VENUE: Design Exchange | 234 Bay Street, Toronto
TIME: 9am - 5pm

Your intention sets your direction: the quality of your life is only equal and proportionate to the quality of your commitments.

Richard Dolan led a research team for the past year interviewing people ranging from aspiring to the accomplished across Canada and throughout the United States. He asked them three questions: Are you focused? Do you have purpose? Are you powerfully in action?  The answer 95% provided to one, two or in most cases all questions: was no. 

That led to the development of a new model to elevate and transform people’s relationship with their lives, their time and the investment of both. The model now serves as a powerful platform to new conversations, new ways of thinking and breakthrough behaviours that recalibrates people in life with passion, power and purpose. 

 Your money story doesn't start with what you think. It starts with what DRIVES you to think.

Getting to the core of your financial story allows you to rewrite it, and if you rewrite it, you can rewire it. When you shift your perspective, you create positive results and new patterns. Once you start fixing, redefining and recalibrating what's in your mind, you can start making things happen in your life.

Positive potential in your mind shapes positive action and produces positive results. 

Your hosts, Performance Coach Richard Dolan and Executive Leadership Coach Alan Cahn will enrich and engage you in the key fundamentals and applications involved with YOU and YOUR RELATIONSHIP with money. While the science of investing and understanding the academic foundations is important, knowing isn’t enough to start doing. The art of investing includes your mindset, your actions and your commitments. YOU are responsible for your great financial success. Detach from the past, confront breakdowns and consistently perform BREAKTHROUGHS.

What does an extraordinary life look like at the next level for you?

The definitive force shaping YOUR success is the story you consistently tell yourself. This is YOUR CHANCE to elevate or rewrite the story, shift your narrative and experience a next-level perspective. Money Clinic will untether you from what's holding you back and where you're stuck so you can unleash your full potential.


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Toronto April 27, 2019



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Richard Dolan


Richard Dolan is the President of the Real Estate Investment Network and CEO of MENTIS Academy, an adult learning institute registered with the Government of Canada. In addition to his real estate portfolio, largely in the U.S. and Caribbean, he is an author and speaker on investing in US real estate, wealth, and performance. He is also a Performance Advisor to professional athletes, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and investors on personal excellence.

Richard has written 12 publications under the LifeRich signature, meaning to live a richer life. He has shared his insights and guidance collectively with nearly 2 million people in over 2,000 talks across 10 countries. Richard has earned a reputation for holding people accountable for top results, while forging lasting relationships.

Richard co-authored two programs for the Schulich Executive Development Centre at York University: the certificate in Marketing and Selling Wealth Management services and the Certified Wealth Manager.

His passion for empowering and enriching relationships are close to his heart – and his wife of 20+ years, Nadia, and son Mateo would attest to this!

Alan Cahn


Whether you work with Alan as your leadership coach or as a participant in a training of several hundred, you can count on an engaging and transformational experience. Alan describes himself as a status quo disruptor and an evolution accelerator. He has the gift of asking thought-provoking questions that get to the heart of the matter quickly. The leaders he serves are left engaged and ready to take action on what matters most to their leadership and to their lives.

He has a demonstrated track record of success in coaching leaders to realize breakthrough results utilizing his unique talent for disruptive/context shifting interactions. Optimizing leadership performance and realizing professional fulfillment are commitments Alan brings to each of his coaching clients. And, he brings joy to the process of growth and development!

Some organizations, groups and enterprises Alan has worked with recently include:

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: International Foundation Alan supported the program directors of the Vaccine Delivery Team in shifting the culture to a collaborative one and assisted the directors in developing their leadership skills

  • Mentis Academy: Educational and Training Corporation Alan has worked on and off with this academy for over 2 years assisting them in strategic planning, course development and delivery, repurposing their corporate culture and he provides executive coaching/development for the founder.

  • REIN Canada: Real Estate Investor Community For over 2 years Alan has supported the owners of this enterprise in negotiating contracts, creating a leadership team that has shared responsibilities, resolving management issues and developing the principles into world class leaders and managers.