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Barry McGuire

RMLO Law LLP - Lawyer

A lawyer for more than 43 years, Barry’s practice emphasizes investment real estate. He is senior counsel at RMLO Law LLP in Edmonton, Alberta. Barry started investing in real estate almost 45 years ago. He currently owns 24 doors and continues to invest in real estate today.

Barry is co-author of the national bestseller, ‘97 Tips For Canadian Real Estate Investors’. This book enjoyed success for achieving 1,000 days in the Amazon Top 100 Business Bestsellers. All proceeds are donated to Habitat For Humanity.

Barry speaks to many groups, including the 3,000+ member Real Estate Investment Network (REIN). His popular ‘Tales From The Trenches’, real life stories of investor legal land mines, teach through example.

JG Francoeur


He is the bestselling author of Messy Manager and has written hundreds of articles for international business publications. A serial entrepreneur, JG has built several companies from start-up and his personal mission is to shape future generations through real estate investing. JG is an experienced investor with an extensive property investment portfolio. He has the ability to develop a long-term vision, which is exactly what he is doing at REIN, where he is building the futurization of real estate.


“$8 Million & Counting” Over the past five years, I've done 30 Agreements for Sale (AFS), 25 Rent to Owns (RTO), and 8 all cash deals, with a property value of $8 million and a profit of $20,000 to $40,000 per deal.
“$145K Profit in Two Years” Earlier today I put together my strongest deal yet with a $30K initial option fee, over $1,600 monthly cash flow and a $145K estimated two-year total profit. The other two deals I'm currently putting together might be even stronger.
“$34,000 Instant Cash Flow” Two of the documents that Barry created have helped me do about 10 deals, and one of those two accounted for $34,000 in cash I have pocketed from assignments. It was definitely worth the time and the cost for me.
“Easy To Understand and Implement” Barry’s strength is taking a rather complex technical subject and explaining it in terms that anyone can understand. He’s also excellent at looking at how legal decisions impact our actions within the business ... This is a rare talent!
“Clarity and Confidence” Before attending Barry McGuire’s training events, I was unclear. Now I feel much better! This course is a must for people who want to apply Canadian quick-turn real estate strategies. My favourite part of this course? The AFS, lease options, the binder with all the information, and the CD of forms are all great!