How expert investors stay ahead
of the curve: strategies, opportunities,
and solutions for Ontario’s current market

April TBD 2017


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At REIN, we are committed to delivering you the most relevant and timely real estate investing knowledge possible. In order to make good on our promise, we will NOT be holding a typical ACRE Program. Instead, we will be hosting the Ontario Real Estate SOS: Strategies, Opportunities, Solutions Conference.

While we will still provide you with the how-to’s of the ACRE Program, we are redesigning the program to suit Ontario’s market needs. This means offering you strategies to achieve success based on where you are in the real estate cycle, how to identify the opportunities in a hot market, and creative solutions to the problems that inevitably arise when investing in a competitive environment.

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Add to My Calendar 2016-04-15 11:00:00 2016-04-17 11:30:00 America/Toronto Toronto ACRE No more guessing, no more hoping, no more wondering if you’re missing out (or making a mistake) and — most importantly — NO MORE FEAR! Toronto, ON REIN


  Friday Night

Forecast: Veteran economists and real estate analysts will be sharing the stage to discuss the future of Ontario’s economy.

Ontario’s Economic Forecast for 2016: This is where you begin your journey and the reinvention of your real estate business. It’s almost impossible to make any sense of the confusion the media is spreading without listening to experienced economists, business professionals, and real estate investors.

Lessons from Oil and Natural Gas: You may ask what the oil and gas market has to do with the economy in Ontario, particularly since its economy is so rooted in manufacturing. Hear how this global economic cycle is about to have a major impact on Ontario.

Current Economic Landscape: Hear insights from real estate analysts on the latest trends in the Ontario real estate market. Listen in as common myths are debunked and learn how to use them to your advantage.

If you are currently investing or are thinking about investing in the Ontario market these are must-attend presentations.


Prepare: After you get a picture of the economic landscape that you are operating in on Friday night, it will be time for you to discover the strategies you need to implement to build a bulletproof portfolio.

  Saturday Morning:

The Real Estate Cycle: Find out what the Real Estate Cycle is, what it looks like, and where Ontario is in it. Not every area in Ontario is at the same point in the cycle. To help you discover the best opportunities, you’ll look at three of the top towns for investing right now. Find out where they are and how you analyze them.

Investor Resilience Part 1: Some of the best investors know that although it is important to celebrate the wins, it is more important to prepare in high times for the inevitable turn in the cycle. What can investors do to prepare and steel themselves during the calm before the storm? Lessons and strategies from great investors are shared and translated into how real estate investors can make sure their business houses are in order.

Successful Joint Ventures: Learn the best way to structure a deal so that everybody wins. How much of the deal should the money partner and the real estate expert get? Hear the mistakes that you can make when it comes to getting and keeping OPM. Learn how to joint venture on a property you already own. Prepare for an interactive joint venture game that gets you answering the typical oppositions to why someone does not want to invest with you.

  Saturday Afternoon:

Investing in a Hot Market: You've learned where we are in the Real Estate Cycle, now, what are the best strategies when the sellers control the game? Learn some tips and tricks for negotiating the deal. Discover how to find houses and win the deal in a multiple offer environment, even when you aren’t the highest bidder.

Identifying Your Tenants: Before you purchase your next property you need to consider where 1/3 of the population lives and what type of home they want to live in. What is important to the Millennials who are finally moving out of their parents’ homes or who are starting to have babies? Do they want a 400 square foot apartment in the city or are they just like their predecessors and ache for the picket fence and the patch of lawn?

Managing Your Tenants: Guidelines for when selecting and managing your tenants from expert property managers and paralegals, whether you are screening and managing them yourself or you have a property manager in place. Learn the importance of knowing the Residential Tenancy Act and how best to serve both your bottom line and your tenant.

The Business of Cash Management: Real estate is a business just like any other, and although the CRA thinks otherwise, there is very little about the income it produces that is passive. Learn the importance of working on your business by setting up the best strategies for you, your lifestyle and your portfolio.


Capitalize: Finally, on Sunday, after you have seen the forecast and you have prepared for all possibilities, you will tackle head-on how to take advantage of the current market conditions.

  Sunday Morning:

Investor Resilience Part 2: Discover the tools to harness any adversity. It’s time to get real and dig deep. It’s time to elevate your mindset and shift your actions from unsure to unshakeable. No one is immune to the effects of economic uncertainty and hardships. But everyone has an equal shot at harvesting their own levels of resilience and perseverance to lessen the adverse effects on their life, their portfolio and their future.

Your Financing Plan: Failure to secure financing can mean the end of your real estate streak. The one with the gold makes the rules and it is the banks that have the gold. Find out what you can do to better your chances for financing and what to do if you have hit a wall when it comes to lending. Learn how you should start NOW to get your financial house in order so that your house can finance you. Learn about HELOCs, re-advanceable mortgages and other products that will get you to 1st, 8th, or 18th property.

  Sunday Afternoon:

Doing Diligence: Some investors believe this is the least fun part of building a portfolio but it is certainly the step that can break you if you don't do it. In this segment, learn the pitfalls and warning flags that veterans look for before they put an offer in on a property from a lawyer who has had to try to fix those mistakes. You’ll also hear from a veteran investor who has been investing since 2003 and has purchased over 175 doors...some of which he gravely regretted.

Structuring Your Business: Often before people get started in real estate they want to know how to structure their business. Should they form a corporation, Limited Partnership, or buy personally? Does one protect the investor better than another? And what are the tax implications of each structure? Hear from both a Real Estate Lawyer and a Real Estate Accountant as they discuss the pros and cons of various structures.

Real Estate Cycle Expert’s Panel: Hear firsthand from veteran real estate investors the consequences of not being prepared for all markets.


Thank you for to our sponosors to make this event awesome.




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We Couldn't Have Said It Better Ourselves

#SOS2016 was the most appropriately timed and relevant conference I've ever attended. Thank you for your continued leadership.”                                                            

Wayne Weum

Great job to the entire REIN team for raising the bar yet again and putting some perspective on the current Alberta real estate market. Loved the new format and the weekend of quality speakers. Great to talk about solutions rather than the media fueled FEAR!

Mark Torgerson

Don was hilarious on Friday night, he was seriously being really funny with some of his off-the-cuff comments - had me rolling on the floor...This was one of the best REIN events I have ever attended.    

Nick Ring

500 owners=Great network collaboration happening around keeping tenants in a challenging markets! Thanks all                          

Brock A Rogerson


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