Thembi is a part time nurse, single mother, and full time real estate investor who empowers other women by giving them the tools to begin real estate investing themselves. She started out with virtually nothing, as an immigrant from Zimbabwe. Driven by Zimbabwe’s economic and political situation, Thembi left her home country to immigrate to “cold Canada” in December 2001 with only five dollars in her pocket.

She lived at the YMCA for her first month in Canada, until she got her first paycheck. Thembi started nursing school, but struggled to balance her life as a nurse and a single mother. In 2006 she graduated with her nursing degree in Montreal, and then moved to Edmonton. It was there that she picked up a flyer for a real estate event that caused her to make the decision to change her financial life.

Thembi Bheka and her family

Joining the real estate investing community was very nerve-wracking at first. . Once she changed her mindset, she realized she could accomplish everything she hoped, and now she has carved out a very successful nicThembi had a very difficult time finding money partners at first, but she realized the issue was that she didn’t believe in herselfhe market in rent-to-owns in Edmonton.

Initially, real estate investing was just about making money and quitting her job, but she quickly realized that it wasn’t just about money, it was about securing her retirement and then helping others find the same freedom she attained through real estate.

Real estate investing gave her the financial freedom to reunite with her family. Last Christmas her whole family was together under one roof for the first time in fifteen years, and “that is the power of real estate.”


To give back, Thembi uses her rent-to-owns in Edmonton to connect investors looking for a short-term real estate investment with immigrants who cannot yet qualify for a mortgage but would like to own their own homes in the future.

She also educates women in Africa how to invest in real estate. She teaches creative strategies for investing in places like Kenya and South Africa, in the hope that as they change their lives, they can impact others in the community and “make Africa great again.”

Thembi now works as a nurse part time while investing in real estate and being a great mother to her children. The real estate wealth she has built for herself has given her the freedom to spend more time with her children and the rest of her family, and to give back to others who need help achieving their own financial freedom.

Find out more about building real estate wealth here, or listen to Thembi Bheka's full interview below:

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