When investors are investigating a specific market, where do they source the most powerful information? The 2017 Top Ten British Columbia Towns and Cities Report is rooted in economic fundamentals and details the best places in the province for investment.

For the first time ever our Top Towns and Cities Report has, not only the best places to invest in British Columbia, but also where each location is on REIN’s Real Estate Cycle Clock and how they measure up on REIN’s Real Estate Cycle Scorecard!

We tell you the where, when and how tos of investing in British Columbia in this report – you won’t want to be without it!

BC’s economy is heading into ‘interesting times’, the economic gaps between the regions is widening. This will ripple into the housing market for the coming decade until the gaps are reduced. Demand for housing, both rental and for purchase, that was once strong in some regions will begin to taper while in other regions it will accelerate despite the already high costs. There is now no more important time for the strategic buyer to pay very close attention to the demographics, economics and political climate of their target region. What used to be an easy investment choice now MUST be given more thought before jumping blindly in. And that is what this report is designed to do, provide some sober thought to an important decision.

- Don R. Campbell, Senior Analyst, REIN
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